a Supernatural Roleplay Sim set in an alternative 1920s NYC



A storytelling space, created by people passionate about telling stories. 


42nd Street was created by a group of 'found family'.  We're players that found each other through roleplay, and adventure alongside each other.  We're players that want to encourage, grow, and laugh with each other and the people around us.  We're players that want to meet friends in the strangest of places.  We wanted a place to play that fueled our passions, gave us the freedom to create, and inspired us to craft the most daring and exciting stories.  A place that would make us cry (in all the good ways of course) and would make us smile.  A place to call home, but also to escape.  

And we believe the best places, are made up of the best people.  

We are a period supernatural sim that was created with diversity in mind.  We've expanded some of the races you're used to seeing in the 'supernatural' genre, as well as created a lore and atmosphere that caters both to the intrigue of 'veil' players, but also the freedom of expression, fashion, and fancy that some 'non-veil' players enjoy.  We seek to drive storylines based on personality and community, rather than race type, and encourage players to stretch outside of the typical tropes of certain character races (or, stay in them, if that's what you enjoy).  

We like to laugh as friends, and we like to coexist.  We are an LGBTQIA+ and diversity friendly community (please see our OOC note on our Sim Lore page for those concerned about the time period setting) and we want players to express themselves in ways that they enjoy.  We make up everything from villain to saint character players, and we seek to provide players with as much dark roleplay as we do light.  

We'd like to roleplay with you.  

You must submit an application to roleplay on sim, but you are welcome to begin roleplaying immediately while you are pending acceptance.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we love hearing from you.