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Combat & Dice

You can obtain inworld dice on the landing area or use the dedicated Discord channel.

Players are encouraged to use dice as a means of deciding combat, social outcomes, random events, or any other means of adding an element of chance to your roleplay.  Players are permitted to freeform combat and roleplay at their own discretion.  In the event of a dispute between players, the moderator will recommend switching combat to dice to even the playing field.  No dice buffs, modifiers, or other bonuses will be given for any skills or traits.  Skills and traits are functional and change how you can effect people and the world around you, not how powerful that attempt may be.  

The standard for sim will be a single ten sided die (1d10).  A player will roll for offense, initiative, or success (depending on the reason for rolling the die).  The second player will roll for defense, initiative, or failure (depending on the reason for rolling the die).  If the offense or success attempt wins the higher roll, the player's attempt will succeed.  If the defense or failure wins the higher roll, the player's attempt will fail.  Whoever rolls the higher number in a roll for initiative will have the first action in a combat scene.  

We recommend using a method in which the greater the distance between the two numbers of dice, the greater the success or failure of the action or attempt, however players are permitted to play out successes or failures at their discretion. 

Storytelling, logic, and roleplay should always take precedence over dice.  If an outcome is not making any sense for the roleplay, players should speak amongst themselves OOC to determine the most logical course of action.

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