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This is the casting rules, mechanics, and regulations for witches' and fae's use of magical powers.

Casting Mechanics:

During typical casting roleplay, a witch will utilize one post to draw energy from their surroundings (from their chosen source) and may cast their spell on their second post.  No magic is passive, and all abilities, including speaking with spirits, must be cast as a spell.  The only exception to this is the abilities listed under "Passive Abilities" on the Witch Lore page. 

Restrictions & Rules of Magical Use: 

1. All spells must utilize an outside energy source. This may be anything that generates energy (electrical energy (noticeable draw on engines or electric lights), thermal energy (noticeable draw on temperature of something or presence of flame), solar radiation energy (noticeable change in temperature of surrounding air), biological energy (noticable change of life/decay of flora or fauna), etc.)  A witch may draw an energy from their spell off of a person, but the person must be a willing giver of their energy.  Unwilling or unaware minds will subconsciously protect the body and the witch will face a resistance and inability to draw off an unwilling person.

2. Spells generally may not affect an area or person outside of chat range (20m). This includes scrying in a mirror or pool of water.  This is to prevent powergaming while still offering an opportunity for spying in a manner that retains some amount of risk.

3. Time spells may not regress , freeze, or otherwise manipulate the timeline of people or objects more than 24 hours in the past or future without the explicit OOC consent of all parties (according to sim time / SLT). Objects and people will, over time, slowly "regress" or "progress" back to the natural biological state over the course of one week.  Because of this, a time mage may not be able to use time magic to keep themselves youthful.  They may not use this ability to view a whole scene, rather are only able to focus the time magic in on a specific single person or object.  People that have been regressed 24 hours (or any partial amount of that time) will have both their physical and mental states affected (so they will lose any memories from that time period). Time magics outside of this period of time are considered too powerful to cast, and will kill a witch who attempts it.


4.  All magic must be cast using two posts (one to draw magic, one to cast).  


5. Wards require a minimum of three witches to put in place, and only cover a 20m area.  These witches may only have one ward out at a time.  They must secure a continuous energy source (see number 6.)


6. Continuous magic requires a continuous energy source.  A ward around a 20m space, must require a generator to be tended, a fire continually burning, constant draw on solar radiation (meaning the area is always cold), energy drawn from a nearby moving river (kinetic energy), etc.


7. A player (of any race) may not have more than one charm active at a time.  Charms are custom to the person they are made for.  Only witches may craft charms for themselves or others.  Refer to the charms section of the lore for specifications on what they may do.  If a player has any questions on the validity of their charm idea, they may contact a mentor for approval.


8. Any witch or fae is able to craft potions (keep in mind the fae rules about taking gifts from fae).  Unlike charms (which are usable consistently over the course of a one month period before they must be re-charged), potions must be single use per consumption (you may make multiple "doses" at once, but a single consumed dose should have a single effect).  Effects from potions should not exceed 24 hours in length (once it is out of the person's system).   Potions must be crafted in roleplay, but not necessarily for a person specifically.  They may be consumed by anyone and have the desired effect (unlike charms which are crafted specifically for a person).

9. No Magic is passive and must be cast as a spell.  

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