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Dark Rainforest Path


True Fae (Seelie & Unseelie), Changelings, Nymphs, Elves, Pixie, Brownie, Goblin, Troll, Sprite, Undine, Glastig, Djinn, Blodynbryd, etc

Typical Age Range


Typical Residential Area

Race Origins

Fae are probably the most ethereal race that walk the earth, though they are not citizens of it.  All fae are attuned to one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, or Water.  Likely responsible for much folklore surrounding alien encounters and abductions, fae’s true forms can appear otherworldly and confusing to humanity.  Their home, Arcadia, is twice so.  A mirror of the mortal realm, Arcadia is a strange and magical place, and it is imbued and fueled by the magics that power them and they have great power within their realm, able to shape and form it, to change the land at will and shape and refine their true forms.  In the mortal realm, they are weaker than in their home, but they still possess great magical ability.  Fae are driven by seemingly strange rules and logics, and seem to have difficulty relating to and understanding the mortal world at times.  They may appear erratic, strange, and follow seemingly asinine rules with serious fervor.  They may become enraged, or excited over inconsequential things or acts, or they may take curious interest in very specific traits or flaws about a mortal.  While fae are vain and proud, they are also loyal to their ways, and while other races are bound by family, fear, or love, fae are duty bound by oath, making it much more difficult to act outside their natures. 

No one knows who created the true fae, not even them themselves.  Some of them are millennia old, though time passed differently in Arcadia.  True fae often do not know how old they are themselves, simply appearing into being one day.  It’s possible that they have lost memory of their creator, or that perhaps their creator has purposely made it so they might forget their origins.  Fae used to appear to humans readily and often, mortals often mistaking them for demons, angels, and gods.  They lived in grand palaces and places of worship, but as humanity advanced, so too did their skepticism, and they did not readily embrace the knowledge and worship of the fae.  They began hunting their gods, and the fae went into hiding, known to the world only in myth until the great reveal.

Recent History

June 1919

September 1919

December 1919

January 1920

The great reveal exposes the Faefolk community.  Many are captured in iron cages and traps, or tricked into servitude to humans. 

The faefolk have become something of a marvel to the humans, though at the expense of their livelihood.  Controlled and manipulated against their natures, the fae are kept in zoos, put on display at carnivals, and kept as personal pets in order to serve and ease the lives of non-fae, magical maids, doctors, and weapons.  Many are captured and experimented on, the government interested in seeing if their essence can be extracted.

The Humane Act of 1919 is instituted, preventing the experimentation and study on supernatural beings without written consent, and preventing the slavery and indentured servitude of the fae people, but the fae experience great discrimination, and many of them are barred form restaurants, clubs, and public spaces.

New York City becomes a popular place for them to immigrate.  The speakeasies and party atmosphere of the city appeal to their natures.  The city is a hub for social and cultural revival, and the fae are here to cash in on it, and escape the last months of terror that they have endured.


Fae are possibly the most diverse appearing species of supernaturals.  Because of their ability to glamour their appearances, many of them appear just as you or I, or live out their lives like any human, sometimes lying to loved ones or friends for a lifetime, tucking their wings into their backs and hiding them away.  In their true forms, fae are as varied as they are when human appearing.  While Air-attuned Fae have wings, hidden or shown, they may also take on appendages,  growths, skin tones, and other monster-like features that attune to their element or alignment. There is very little ‘rules’ for the fashion of the fae.  Some of them prefer to wear human fashions even in their true forms, while others go nude or drape themselves with cloths and ivy’s.  They are an eccentric bunch, and typically very vain about the ways they choose to present themselves.


Magical Prowess: Fae are powerful magical beings, and they are able to manipulate the world around them in impressive ways.  While they are much more powerful in their home realm of Arcadia, fae rival witches in the moral realm.  Their magics often take on traits of their elemental or behavioral alignment, Seelie typically having light magics, Unseelie typically having magics that deal with death and darkness, and Nymphs having magics that play off their elemental form.  (Please reference the "Magic" page in order to learn about the mechanics and limits of casting magic)

Fire: Ability to interact, and manipulate the element Fire.  (i.e. Redirecting the placement of a fire or snuff a fire out. A fire specialist can manipulate the exact temperature in a space or of a thing, heating or cooling things in a flash so long as they have enough energy to do so. Smart temperature usage can cause certain things to explode or even generate electricity.)

Earth: Ability to interact, and manipulate the element Earth. (This includes anything Geological; Rocks of all kinds, sand, glass, precious gemstones, metals and soil. An Earth Specialist can turn one metal type into another, or one gemstone to a different one with enough skill. Can mend cracks in gemstones, mirrors, glasses or stone. Can use magic to guess if an area of earth within magic range (20m) is hollow, making it easy to find caves or fox holes.) (Earth Fae cannot manipulate pure Iron and may struggle with things partly made of iron such as steel.)  Earth Fae also retain the ability to grow, kill, manipulate, and work with plant life.  They are not able to utilize any other area of the life discipline which allows witches to work with plants.

Air: Ability to interact, and manipulate the element Air. (i.e. Redirecting a gust of wind, creating tiny whirlwinds, predicting weather patterns. An Air Specialist can convert air properties such as carbon monoxide into oxygen, help a person with bad lungs breathe, or manipulate air pressure to do things like soften falls or help them lift a heavy object.)

Water: Ability to interact, and manipulate the element Water and other water-based fluids. (i.e. Redirecting the stream of water, or extracting it from a plant.  A Water Specialist can freeze liquids or make them boil, or manipulate steam or mist to hide within. They can manipulate complex systems such as blood or underground pipes, and can change the properties within a liquid such as its acidity. Cannot conjure water from nothing.)


Keen Sight: Fae have incredibly sharp, predatory sight.  They can not only see incredibly well under low light and bright light circumstances, but their vision also remains sharp for long distances, allowing them to pick out the smallest rodents from above the trees, or see a shooter in the window of a building a block away in the city.  


Frailty: While fae are powerful beings magically, they were never made to inhabit the mortal realm, and because of this, their bodies are weak and frail.  They break bones easily (though they heal themselves easily as well)


Unable to Lie: Fae are, at all times, unable to lie.  This does not mean that they are unable to tell half-truths, or often obscure the truth or avoid it altogether.  This will not compel them to speak if they wish to remain silent, but when they speak, the words that come from their lips will always speak truth.  It is extremely rare, but fae that have a lapse of character, and lie, will be under great pain to do so, and a large black x mark will appear on their forehead in their skin, branding them a truth-breaker.  This is an immense dishonor for a fae, and they risk permanent excommunication from Arcadia to the mortal realm.  The only way to remove this mark, is to bathe in the waters of Arcadia for 7 consecutive days, upon which the mark will fade to nothingness.


True Name: All fae are bound by their true names.  While it is immensely difficult for a person to learn the true name of a fae, once the fae speaks it to them from their own lips, they have power to command the fae to do their bidding.  This is the greatest control a person may have over a fae.  Some fae will give their true names to lovers as a sign of utmost trust and devotion.  It is only possible to learn a fae’s true name spoken from their own lips, others, even other fae, do not have the ability to verbalize it, fae’s true names alluding back to the original forgotten languages of the universe.  A name does not need to be spoken to command a fae, rather one who knows their name may insist a fae comply with their wishes, and the fae must comply.


Iron: All fae are weak to iron and it will burn their skin if they come into contact with it.  The object need not be sharp, it may be blunt, the touching of the metal with their bare skin will still produce a burning sensation and their skin will bake and boil and harden.  True iron hurts the worst, but metals that are partially ferrous (such as steel) may also cause more mild irritation.


Bound by Contract: Fae are bound by the contracts that they make with others, both written and verbal.  If a fae promises to carry out an action, provide a service, or keep an oath, they are bound by this contract and will find their magic puts them in immense pain if they attempt to carry out actions which are in violation of the contract.  Because of this, fae should be smart about the verbal and written agreements they make.  Fae are able to place time limits on these contracts, in order to lessen the risk of being saddled to an agreement for eternity.  The only way these contracts expire other than by setting a time limit during initial negotiation, is the death of the person with whom the fae made the contract. 

Passive Abilities

Glamour: All fae have the ability to glamour their true form in order to appear as any humanoid creature.  While they cannot glamour themselves with new limbs, tails, or appendages they do not already possess in their true forms, they can manipulate the light to change the way that humans see their skin tones, hair color, eye colors, or fae-like features.  They can tuck their wings into their backs to avoid having them in the way when wearing clothing.  


The Law of Gifts: Gifts offered by the fae come with a price.  Whether it be a traditional present, offered food, or something else entirely, gifts offered by the fae create a type of oath between the giver and the receiver, making the receiver of the gift unable to lie to the Fae gifter only.  Items received from fae that the fae are compensated for, good exchanged in business, etc, do not count as a gift.  The gift must come free of charge or condition from the fae.  This oath does not last forever, the Arcadian magical residue on the receiver fading and wearing off after three days.

Intuition: Fae are magical beings, therefore they are sensitive to magic around them. They are able to sense the casting of magic within 20m, and they are able to sense the presence of another fae or a witch actively using magic, within a 20m range, though they may not know who the fae or caster is. 


Flight (Air Fae only): Air based fae are the most commonly thought of when thinking of fae, able to unfurl wings from pockets in their back and take flight.  This gives them decided advantages in transportation and combat.  They are able to temporarily lift and carry a person with them, but only for short distances (20m in any direction)


Breathe Underwater (Water Fae Only): Water based fae are attuned to the element of water, and they are able to grow a set of gills in order to assist them with breathing underwater. They are also able to grow webbing between their fingers and toes that assist in much stronger and quicker swimming.


Walk through Fire (Fire Fae Only): Fire based fae are strongly attuned to the element of fire, and they are able to not just touch and interact with flame directly, but inhabit and walk through it.  Some of these fae have even been known to sleep in fireplaces, alarming unknowing humans.


Camouflage (Earth Fae Only): Earth based fae are able to camouflage with their surroundings.  This is different than a glamor, working more like a chameleon, their bodies taking on the colors of the landscape behind them to shroud themselves in plain sight.  They are able to apply this illusionary magic to any clothing and objects they are in contact with, up to the size of a standard body.  (They could camouflage another person with them, their clothing, a bag, or a park bench they are sitting on, but not an entire car, building, etc.)  This does not make them totally invisible, and careful inspection will reveal the obscured being(s) and objects.

Active Abilities

Healing: Once per day, faefolk are able to draw energy from Arcadia to heal themselves or another.  They must return to Arcadia, bringing the patient with them, if they are healing another, and lay them down on the land.  Only here are they able to call on the immense power of Arcadia to not just heal wounds, but also illnesses.


Fae Touched: Fae are able to ‘mark’ a non-fae being once per scene much like mental imprinting.  Once a person is marked by a fae, the fae is able to track them within 50m for the remainder of the day, making it incredibly difficult to hide from the fae (so it will be difficult for them to hide in a building if the fae is standing on the street, but they will not be able to track them from the woods to the city).  

Powerful Aura: While in Arcadia ONLY, Fae are much stronger than in the mortal realm.  While witch's magic is learned, fae's magic is simply known, and in their home realm, they do not need to spend lengthy amounts of time drawing on the world around them.  Because of Arcadia's magical saturation and the fae may draw energy and cast in one posting round only, as opposed to two rounds.  Magic effects only the world and inhabitants of Arcadia, and does not have an effect on the mortal realm. 


The realm of Arcadia is the source of the true fae, and where all magic that fuels the fae races comes from.  It is directly accessible only to the fae, but they may bring as many passengers into the realm with them as they please.  Arcadia is a mirror of the mortal realm, and while it is a vast and endless place, it is most easy for the fae to access the parts of it which are also deeply saturated by fae magic in the mortal realm.  The fae of New York and Staten Island roam the Arcadian realm of the forest, urban sectors unstable and weak, and often inaccessible to them (possibly will be available during storyteller events).  

When travelling to Arcadia, the fae (and passengers, through the fae's magic) shed their mortal husks, and their spirits rise out of deanimated bodies, to traverse the forest.  This does not make them literal ghosts, though it may seem so when they attempt to interact with the mortal world (and fail), residents of Arcadia will feel as if they still have a corporeal body, even as they look down on their husk in the mortal realm.  They are able to speak, feel, eat, age, and generally operate as they would in the mortal realm.  During this time, however, their husks in the mortal realm can be vulnerable, and mortals can easily accidentally stay a lifetime, in what may only seem a week, or months, their bodies decayed when they return, and their spirits trapped, unable to return to the mortal realm.  For this reason the fae acts as guide (though some malicious fae may intentionally drive mortals off course).  In the realm of Arcadia, the people, flora, fauna, and objects of the mortal world are visible, but masked over with a shadow state.  Apples eaten from a tree in Arcadia will satiate the consumer, but the apples will not seem to disappear in the mortal realm.  The mortal realm exists in a state of observation only, residents of Arcadia are able to see and hear, but are unable to influence it or the people on the other side.  Occupants of the mortal realm cannot see, hear, or sense an occupant of Arcadia in any way, though finding the deanimated bodies of Arcadian travelers may cause confusion and alarm.  

To return to the mortal realm, traveler spirits must simply relocate their bodies (a troublesome issue if their body has been removed from the forest or hidden from them) and pass back into them.  This process may be strange to first time travelers, and may cause a jolt or sensation of falling, or a quick elevation of heartbeat as the body jumps back to life. 

OOC Note: "Arcadia" is restricted to the boundaries of the forest only.  Any Arcadian travel outside these bounds will only be possible via storyteller events where special areas are made accessible to Arcadian travellers for a time.  Because you will occupy the same roleplay space as residents of the mortal realm while you are in Arcadia, be sure to indicate when entering a scene and/or in a titler that you are currently traversing the Arcadian realm.  Fae must access Arcadia via the butterfly fae caves in the forest, no other Arcadian access points will be available outside the bounds of storyteller special events.

Consent Note: Kidnapping, moving, or tampering with the deanimated body of a traveler should only be done after receiving clear consent from the player.  

Access Points for Arcadia: These are the places that you must go in order to access the Arcadian realm.  Unless someone back in the mortal realm moves your body, your body will remain in one of these locations until you return to it. 

     Butterfly Cavern

     Mushroom Cavern

Birth & Creation

They cannot reproduce and have babies, which leads them to abduct offspring of their own, not always child and adolescent mortals, but sometimes young or even old adults; mortals that the fae have taken great liking, or sometimes great disliking too.  These mortals are made a type of weaker fae themselves, through time spent in the fae realm of Arcadia, and week long consumption of food and beverage that has been prepared from the land there. Because mortals must eat to survive, sometimes this process is coerced, a mortal having to choose between being transformed into a changeling, or perishing.  Changeling possess all the same qualities and abilities as a true born fae, though they are not as powerful, the difference varies from changeling to changeling (and is much less pronounced in the mortal realm than it is in Arcadia).  Supernatural races are unable to undergo the transition to a changeling, and fae food effects them in the way described above in the law of gifts, but will not result in a change of race.  Food eaten in the realm of Arcadia will bind them to realm and cause them to be lost and unable to find their way, and they must either complete the transition, or be shown the way out by a fae.

Love & Bonding

Fae have strange personalities, and do not love in a traditional sense of mortals, but do exhibit behaviors and loyalties that emulate human love.  They often show their affection in defined ways, rather than emotional ones, offering gifts (which sometimes gets them into mischief with their non-fae counterparts) and trusting those they are most close to with their true names.  They are able to bond to each other or non-fae through a method of imprinting not dissimilar to the way that Fera bond with their mates.  This allows them to link their mind to their bonded, and communicate telepathically, as well as feel the emotions of one another.  Telepathic abilities will only work within 20m.  Fae are able to bond to multiple beings. 


Fae are immortal beings, though they can be killed in a few different ways.  Decapitating a fae will cause their spirit to dissipate back to Arcadia (where they will either be able to roam as a ‘ghost’ or allow their spirit to remain at rest in Arcadia), as well as burning by iron or fatal wound via iron .

Food, Drink, Drug, & Healing

Fae are revelrous beings, and they love to imbibe in alcohol, use recreational drugs, and create mischief with the other races and each other.  While they do not need to consume food and beverage to survive, they get great pleasure out of doing so.  Fae’s fragile bodies can certainly be affected by spoiled food, heavy amounts of drugs, or levels of alcohol, though they will not perish from some of these effects like a mortal may.  They do not require food in order to sustain their bodies, rather their essence are fueled by the magic of Arcadia. 

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