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OOC Rules

1. ICA / ICC: The cardinal rule of roleplay.  You must remember that your decisions in character, will always have a ripple effect.  If you make a choice, you're expected to see through the consequences of those choices.  While consent should always be abided by in roleplay, it should not be utilized to forgo obvious and clear consequences to actions.  We encourage players to have creativity and imagination in carrying out punishments or responses to roleplay in order to ensure that all players have an enjoyable time, but if you are caught dodging your consequences, you will be issued an infraction warning. 

2. ​No Powergaming / No Godmodding / No Metagaming: While this may seem obvious, it's something we all encounter.  Powergaming is crafting your character in a way that they always win in a fight, always have all the information, always escape the law, or always convince others what they say is true.  It is playing without realistic flaws and unrealistic strengths.  Godmodding is deciding the actions of another character, and a form of breaking consent.  An easy way to avoid godmodding, is by always posting 'attempts' to hit, bite, catch, hear, kiss, or otherwise take any action on another player.  You should never take control of the response of another player in the scene (unless they have given you express consent to do so).  Metagaming is utilizing information that you know OOCly as the player, to gain an advantage ICly.  Knowing where the criminals are hiding, who the mafia boss is, or where the detective sleeps, without discerning this information through roleplay, is an example of metagaming.  All three of these actions in roleplay will be issues an infraction warning.  If it is determined that you are taking these actions willfully and knowingly to play as a 'poor sport', you may be banned without being issued a warning first.  

3. Consent: You must obtain consent to take any action on a player that would affect them in a permanent manner, or alter the course of their storyline, or comfort in roleplay.  'Attempting' actions in roleplay is a form of consent request, but if you are unsure, it is always best to IM a player to ask.  If a player OOCly requests you refrain from sexual or other roleplay they find uncomfortable, you are expected to abide by this, otherwise you are permitted to request ceasing the roleplay.  You should never use a character personality or model as a reason to place a player in an uncomfortable narrative.  If a player is applying the rule of consent to escape obvious consequences on their character, this is a form of powergaming and will not be tolerated.  Character death should be the last means of consequence for a character, and only engaged in with the player's consent.  NOTE: Keep in mind the ICA/ICC rule.  By doing an action unto another character, you are consenting to have it done unto you. If you amputate the limb of another character, they have a right to take equal or lesser action upon yours.  If you attempt to murder another character, they have a right to attempt to murder yours. (The only exception there should be player OOC organized conflict in which players mutually agree on no character death)

4. Age Restrictions: All Players and characters on 42nd Street must be 18+.  No exceptions. Avatars appearing to be under the age of 18 will be reviewed by staff and players will be requested to alter their avatar or remove themselves from sim. NPC Children are permitted on sim, but should not be in the subject of roleplay alongside adult content.  Anyone roleplaying content involving NPC minors that does not alight with SL TOS will be removed from sim.

5. NPCS: The use of personal NPCS (such as drivers, butlers, pets, NPC children, etc) is permitted by all players.  The use of combative NPCs is restricted to storyllers only.  No players are permitted to do combat with NPCs, or use NPCs to otherwise do damage to other characters, or take damage in leiu of their character.  NPCs should never be used to fetch help, or otherwise gain an advantage in roleplay over other players. 

6. Rental Limit: All players are permitted only one (1) rental per player.  This is to ensure that all players of sim have the ability to rent a home on sim.  This applies to any and all of a players alt accounts as well. 

7. Use of Scene Information: All information being used by a player from a scene should be obtained via scenes they have actively posted into.  Spies, informants, and busybodies must post into a scene in order to utilize anything they have learned in the roleplay during that scene.  They may only utilize information that has been posted after they have posted into the scene, and before they post out of the scene.  They should remain in the scene for at least two whole post rounds (posting in, reading roleplay, posting out, and waiting for replies).  

8. No Bloodlines or other Griefer, Bumper, or Damage HUDs: These HUDs are considered a nuisance to the roleplay space and are not in line with the style of roleplay we do here on sim. You will be asked to remove them. Exceptions are dancers, bumpers, or other 'funny' HUDs worn while hanging out OOC with other players. 

9. OOC Harassment: Cussing at players with the intention of spreading hatred or harm will not be tolerated.  Bullying or bellittling players for any reason will not be tolerated.  Queerphobic, racist, sexist, or bigots remarks will not be tolerated.  Political rallying, religious judgement, or any remarks or actions taken with the attempt to judge, exclude, or otherwise demean others will not be tolerated.  If you cannot remain respectful of your fellow people, and you cannot conduct yourself with a level of maturity, you will be removed from sim. 

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