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Rental Rules & Browse.

UPDATED: 02/28/2021

These rules apply for 42nd Street (The Brewery). 

1. Each player (regardless of number of characters) may only rent 1 (one) house/apartment/trailer/cabin/etc.  Players may not rent an apartment and a house, only one rental is permitted per player.

2. Rentals are first come, first serve.  Tenants must pay their rent on time.  We are not responsible for expired rental boxes and we do not hold rentals.  If there is a special exception you'd like us to consider, IM: Asheson MacCaise (ashesonwolfe) ashesonmaccaise#4705

3. Renters must pick up their prims before their box expires, otherwise staff reserves the right to return prims on an expired rental.  Staff is not responsible for any lost prims during this process. 

4. Tenant must respect their prim allotment.  Tenants may rez prims temporarily for roleplays (small temporary prim overages are fine), but they must be picked up at the conclusion of a scene.  Prims must be used from the rental allowance, frequent overages will result in barring from renting.  If you have a need to rez a large amount of prim for an event, IM: Asheson MacCaise (ashesonwolfe) ashesonmaccaise#4705

5. Tenants may not rez skyboxes.

6. Tenants may not rez items that stream music, sounds, or other disruptive auditory sounds such as TVs, radios, etc. (Please remove sound scripts from your items.  If you need help with how to do this, IM: Asheson MacCaise (ashesonwolfe) ashesonmaccaise#4705)

7. All prim must be constrained to the home and immediate surrounding area around a rental.  Be respectful of your neighbor's lawn space, rezzed items shouldn't impede the roleplay space.

8. To reduce lag, we request that tenants remove scripts from all Copy objects that they are able.  Turn on lights, turn on animated objects, etc, and delete the script out, they will still remain on/animated.  Do not do this to No Copy Items or you will break them.  If you need help with how to do this, IM: Asheson MacCaise (ashesonwolfe) ashesonmaccaise#4705.

9. Decorations must be keeping with the theme of the sim.  No unrealistic modern/cyber setups will be allowed.  Objects should be realistic for the world we are in (NYC, New York, 1920, Earth).

10. Vehicles should not be left out regularly, as they increase lag.  Using a low prim decorative piece and rezzing your drivable vehicle when needed is recommended.  Vehicles should be picked up every day after a roleplay or after use.

11. Tenants may transfer to a different rental if they desire.  Rent the new unit at 1 week, and then IM the Owner or the Rental Admin to have your old rental cleared.  All prims should be picked up from the old rental. Your time will be transferred UP TO AND NOT EXCEEDING 4 weeks of time total.  

12. Renters MUST be active on sim.  Renters that are not active for a period of up to two (2) weeks will have their rentals evicted and prims returned.  Staff will make an effort to contact the renter prior to this to anticipate any special cases. 

13. Absolutely NO REFUNDS to rent paid.  Be sure before you pay your box, your money goes directly into our account for tier and staff is  not responsible for paying you from personal funds. 

14. Subtenants may be added to your rental box, but they share the prim limit with you.  No extra prim will be given by default for sub tenants.  Tenants should have a verbal agreement with their subtenants about how much prim they are rezzing out.  The main tenant is responsible to staff for any prims rezzed out by their subtenants. 

15. No Prim extensions will be granted.

16. 42nd Street does not have dedicated business rentals.  Any rental may be used to run a business provided the player is able to use the existing prim limit for their items.  Businesses shouldn't be a duplicate of other business types on sim, but should be unique to the sim.  City apartments that have empty storefronts underneath of them may be used to open a business. 

17. No modifications/customization will be made to rental structures.  Tenants are welcome to rez prims over their walls, rez their own walls, etc, but the Owner will not modify structures, what you rent is what you get.  

18.  Breedables of any kind are strictly prohibited. No exceptions will be made to this rule. 

19. Tenants may make use of temporary rezzers and rez boxes, provided that they do not have more than their maximum prim rezzed at a time. 

20. Checking "not renew" on your rental will automatically eject you from the groups and end your rental without refund.  Please do not check "not renew" if you do not wish to end your rental.  Staff is not responsible for loss of rental time or loss of rental home due to this.  

21. No security orbs or other devices which prevent other players from walking onto your land.  Absolutely no chat listeners, or other spy or copybot objects or scripts are permitted on sim.  If an item fitting this description is found with your name as owner, you will be banned from sim immediately.

Any questions: IM Asheson MacCaise (ashesonwolfe) ashesonmaccaise#4705

22. All rentals will be priced at 2.5 Lindens / prim.  This is standard for all rentals regardless of type.

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