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Sim Lore

And then there were tons.

It's the 1920s in New York City, The Big Apple. Industry is booming, and plenty of people are migrating to the city looking for work, looking for success, or looking for life.  Immigrants come in the boatloads from overseas looking for a chance at the American Dream.  And with this great relocation, comes a large population of strange and unusual persons to the city.  In June 1917, a covert government group of spies, called MI-8, was founded under the Army to decode military communications. What they found instead, was so much more.  

In 1919, the United States Government amends the Constitution for the 18th time, the prevention of supernaturals from retaining citizenship in the United States.  The veil is lifted and the presence of supernaturals is made known to the world, and societal chaos ensues.  Newspapers everywhere ran wild.  Who were these supernaturals, where were they living, and how many were among us? New information was leaked to the public, from both government based, and private news sources.  Vampires did walk among us, and your mirrors still reflect them.  Sirens lurked in the bottom of the bay.  Centaurs and werewolves stalked the woods at night, preying on lost hikers and campers.  Suddenly, the post World War World... became a supernatural Cold War.  Some supernaturals have been enjoying their new found social 'freedom', expressing themselves publicly in an attempt to normalize their presence.  Others still lurk cautiously in the shadows, afraid of what they might lose at the price of embracing their true selves publicly.  Directly after the passing of the new amendment, is the passing of the 19th amendment, the prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol.   In the wake of chaos, president Woodrow Wilson seeks to control and ease the population, and alcohol is the first to go.  

On January 16, 1920, the amendment was ratified, and prohibition agents stormed the city, collecting up barrels and dumping them out in the streets.  The residents of NYC are in an outrage. 

The revelation has sparked a sort of cultural shift, especially in a future-forward city like The Big Apple itself.  What dangers do these supernaturals pose? Should they even be allowed to walk among us? Can they help bring society into the future age? What benefits do their study pose for medicine and science, and is it moral at all to do so? A lot of opinions are stirring around NYC, and a lot of people, natural and supernatural alike, have come to the city to make their mark on the future of the world.   They bring with them new and strange things, and society is experiencing an acceleration in development and technology. 

(OOC Note: While we are set in 1920s NYC, it is to be expected that every detail of the sim is not to be historically accurate to the real world.  Witches, Fae, Fera, Waterfolk, and Vampires walk the streets, many unhidden, and it's reasonable to assume society may have experienced some advancements, or a quickening of social, techonological, or cultural change.  This does not mean that modern day appliances are available to you, but creature comforts that may not have been present in NYC yet in the 1920s such a sushi, the construction of the empire state building, the introduction of blimps, and other advancements that came to society within the 20s-50s is reasonable to assume into play.  The intention is to step outside of a modern setting, and challenge play in a historical 'vibe', rather than to adhere to perfect historical accuracy. (After all, faeries didn't fly through the streets of NYC in the 1920s... or did they?)).

There seems to be three major social groups that make up the members of the city.  Those on the side of the Law.  Those on the side of the Mafia.  And those in the middle.  Some residents fit in one, some in multiple niches of these groups.  Prohibition era brings about it's own challenges.  With Alcohol recently illegal, there's a large illegal market for the substance, and many used to, and still wanting to, consume.  The recent revelation of supernaturals among the populace has encouraged a new set of changing laws and restrictions as lawmakers struggle to know how to govern the new population.  Police are often sent door to door to take a record of supernaturals and sniff out illegal brewing and consumption.  

There is a budding social movement in New York City.  It seems half the supernatural population is devoted to staying hidden, while some walk loud and proud down the streets, gambling with how the public may receive them.  Gay marriage isn't legal, but it doesn't seem to stop the inhabitants of New York from finding ways around the law.  New York is a hub of social reform, and what it becomes, is in the hands of everyone that calls The Big Apple home.  What side will you be on?


OOC Note: The Staff of 42nd street recognizes the obvious social struggles of the time period chosen for this sim (i.e. non-legalized queer marriage, women's rights, etc) and the challenges or discomforts this may produce in some players of sim.  We would like to assure and inform players that we have embarked on this endeavor with sensitive hearts, and in a way that we wish to allow players to grapple with conflicts of history, but also remain comfortable in their atmosphere on sim.  Any players engaging in OOC bigotry of ANY kind, will be removed from sim, immediately.  Players engaging with character that may have IC prejudices are encouraged to roleplay with respect and sensitivity.   Any players that do not wish to roleplay surrounding these topics ICly are welcome to say so via IMs, in a profile pic of the sim, or simply in a titler.  It is the expectation of sim (particularly given the demographic of staff) that the majority of players retain characters that are embracing of a variety of lifestyles, and atmospheres should not be expected to be actively and repeatedly toxic.  Players are expected to separate IC and OOC conflict, and abide by rules against OOC hatred and harassment.  If any player has any concerns or questions about the setting or the atmosphere on sim with regards to their comfort, they are more than welcome to reach out to the owner or any member of staff listed on the staff page.  

Segregation and acts of historical racial separation / hatred will NOT be a focus of our lore, given the exclusionary nature of these social constructs and having little benefit to the mechanics of roleplay.  If players wish to lean into these struggles as a means of embracing or tackling social racial tensions, we have no desire to whitewash history, simply to ensure these topics are being approached with respect and are not contributing to an atmosphere on sim where playing a POC character is especially challenging, difficult, or "unfun".  As a staff we believe roleplay can be a therapeutic means of tackling social and historical wrongs, and we want to ensure that all players feel freedom to play cultures, races, and genders that celebrate and represent them without fear of being barred out of roleplay.

In Character Laws

There are two types of laws in New York City at this time, constitutional laws (which cannot be changed or amended without large social revival and storyteller involvement), and city laws.  City Laws are enacted and governed by the Mayor and the Council, and upheld by the city police.  Obvious laws of society apply (such as laws against physical assault, etc), but these are the laws which are specifically in play during our time period in our setting.  These laws may be added to, retracted from, or altered by vote of the City Council and the Mayor. Some of these laws have been placed in play, because they reflect actual crazy laws in New York at the time! We encourage players on all sides of the law to have fun playing off of the following, enforcing, or breaking of the various list of laws. This list will be updated as city council passes or amends these laws. 

Constitutional Laws in Specific Play

18th Amendment to the Constitution

The gaining of citizenship by any members of a non-human racial status on the US Census shall be prohibited from obtaining, maintaining, or renewing citizenship as a citizen of the United States.  Citizens who are found to be of non-human racial status, or otherward are in violation of this Amendment will have their citizenship status stripped and will be fined no less than 100 US Dollars.  

19th Amendment to the Constitution

After one year from the ratification of this article (ratified on January 16th, 1920) the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.

20th Amendment to the Constitution

((to take the place of the real 19th amendment on August 16th))

City Laws in Specific Play

Firearms, Weapons, and Implements of Violence

No resident shall be permitted to conceal carry a firearm within the city limits.  Residents are permitted to open carry firearms within and without the city limits.  Weapons and other Implements of Violence carried in a threatening manner are subject to confiscation at the discretion of law enforcement. 

Unwelcome Flirting

Unwelcome flirting reported to law enforcement may result in a penalty of up to 25 US Dollars.

Ice Cream Cones

A person or persons are not permitted to stroll the streets on a Sunday with an ice cream cone in their pocket.  Breaking of this law may result in a fine of up to 10 USD. 

Domestic Animals

Domestic pets are to be kept on leashes while in public places and on sidewalks.


Hanging Clothes on Lines

You must purchase a license from the city office before hanging your clothes on a clothes line outdoors.

On Tigers

It is illegal to take a picture with a tiger, without the assistance of another to aid in the capture of such photography.

Library Books

Failure to return a book on loan from the library in the proper allotment of time may result in a fine up to 5 US Dollars. 


Public vagrancy including prostitution, pickpocketing, homelessness, and creating a nuisance are punishable by up to 2 days in Jail.

Medical Practice

Medical Practice without a license is punishable by up to a 200 US Dollar fine and barring from filing for a license in the future.

Practice of Magic

Public practice of magic is prohibited.  Punishable by up to 1 day in Jail and/or a fine of 50 US Dollars.


Shifting, form changing, or glamour shifting in public is considered to be a form of indecency, and is punishable by up to a 20 US Dollar fine.

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