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Social Factions

The Law . The Neighborhood Watch . The Mafia

These are the social groups around sim, and often there are one or two notables around to kickstart roleplay.  Within these social factions, there is often player-driven sub groups, that may or may not always see eye to eye.  

The Law

The Law faction is comprise of players with Lawful alignments and jobs.  This does not mean that a character is necessarily of a good alignment.  This social faction is the makers, enforcers, and manipulators of the law.  Typically residing and taking haven on the Uptown side of town,  they have a set of duties that they swear to, but that doesn't mean that they always follow them with honor.  Police may lie, abscond with evidence, take bribes, or skirt around orders.  The Mayor may be skimming money off the city budget.  The council may pass unfair laws, or attempt to throw or bribe the vote.  Or, some members of this faction may chose to stick by what is good and true.  The law is on your side, but the choice is up to you.  They are comprised of the following members: 

  • The Chief: The head of The Law, they are the main influencer and keeper of the group.  They watch over the city, make sure laws are enforced (or proper payment is received for not), and work with the mayor to influence and control the city.  They directly oversee The Police, but often have their fingers dipped in the operation of the Mayor and Council.

  • The Mayor: They are the main political figurehead of the group.  They oversee the council, direct the police, and hold access to the city's bank accounts and assets.  They have the ability to pay for assets, pay off people, and hold the deciding vote on the city council.  (This is an elected position.  A mayor sits for a term of two months of playtime, before a re-election is held.  A mayor may run for an unlimited amount of terms.  Staff will request self-nominations and players will be polled through the discord to elect a mayor every two months).

  • The Council: They are the force behind passing, changing, and amending laws in the city.  They cannot pass laws that trump constitutional ones, but they have the power to affect daily life in the city. 

  • The Police (including Detectives): They are the weapons of the council, and they are responsible for protecting the peace and enforcing the law.  At the disposal of the mayor as well, they are often asked to do door-to-door census to identify supernaturals and to ensure business stay alcohol free.  They are also acting prohibition agents, sent to investigate and raid speakeasies, though rumor has it, the police always enter through the same door, and the patrons always seem to filter out the back one, just before the fuzz enters.

  • The Judge: They are responsible for passing judgement on those who are arrested and taken into custody.  In the absence of a Judge active in roleplay, The Mayor may decide the NPC's verdict.

  • The Lawyers: Good, neutral, or evil, the lawyers are responsible for the defense (or prosecution) of those arrested. They are sometimes kept on the books by members of the other factions, and their loyalties may or may not be of question.  They will stand in the place of the arrested to make an argument to the Judge to determine a prisoner's verdict.

The Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch is typically comprised of players with Neutral alignments.  They typically have friends on both the sides of The Law and The Mafia, or neither entirely.  This social faction is the meat of the city, the ordinary people, and they don't like to be messed with.  They believe that the power is in the people, and will put their foot down and fight if needed, whether it be by the pen or the sword.  Some members of the Neighborhood Watch simply want to look out for their fellow man.  Rich, poor, mundane, and supernatural, you look out for your neighbor, and your neighbor looks out for you.  They are comprised of the following members: 

  • The Minuteman: A vigilante known only by word of mouth, he's the organizer of the neighborhood watch.  Ask around the city, and they're sure to point you in the direction of the local milk cannery, where he's rumored to have a blue collar job.  

  • The Financier: The wallet behind the watch, he invests in many of the cities businesses, and makes sure the watch is funded and equipped with what weaponry and tools they need to get a job done.  

  • The Watch: The muscle of the neighborhood watch, they're men and women just like you and me.  Armed with pistols, rifles, bats, knuckles, or their own flesh and blood, when someone steps where they don't belong, they take it personal.  They're vigilantes by nature, and while they may have connections in either of the other two factions, they're not afraid to get things done on their own. 

  • The Business Bureau: Comprised of the business owners of the city, they have something, and they'd like to keep it theirs.  Often arranging protection for their businesses through the Watch, the Mafia, the Law, or all three, they bring goods & services to the city, and without them the economy would fail.

  • The Eyes: Typically the less combative members to The Watch, these are the eyes and ears of the city.  If you need information, they've probably seen it, heard it, or smelled it around.  They'll tell you what they know, but usually for a price.

  • The News: The people deserve to know, and the News brings it to them.  These are the Journalists of the city, dedicated to sniffing out a lead and bringing it to the people.  But is what they say always true? And do they really tell the public everything?

  • The People: The movers and shakers of the city.  The largest demographic of New York City, they make up the dreamers, the poets, the workers, the just-getting-by-ers, and everyone that just wants to call New York home.

The Mafia

The Mafia are the homegrown criminals of New York City.  They are typically comprised of smugglers, drug runners, spies, forgers, pickpockets, and scoundrels.  If you want something done, and you don't care how it's taken care of, the Mafia can handle it.  They frequent the Downtown District, and they're often territorial about their turf.  What you want, will likely cost you, and not always in money.  Sometimes their crime has a poetic form of justice, but that can't always be said to be true.  Anything from common street rats to political criminals, The Mafia seems to have their hands wormed in everywhere.  You can usually find them running around the speakeasy, if you know the secret phrase.  They are comprised of the following members: 

  • The Boss: Sometimes one, sometimes a few, the Boss(es) are king in the Mafia.  They hold the money, the power, and often your life in their hands. 

  • The Soldiers: The muscle of the mafia, they carry out any protection, or destruction, the Boss wills.  They're keen fighters, and you don't want to cross one.

  • The Informants: The Mafia's spies, they're the scoundrel version of the Neighborhood Watch's 'Eyes'.  They'll get information out of you, by any means.  They're loyal to the Mafia (or are they?).  

  • The Thieves: Jesse James, Robin Hood, or Doris Payne, they have a lot of reasons for stealing, sometimes just for wealth.  Sometimes to expose a member of one of the other factions.  Sometimes to feed their own.  Sometimes... just because.  Whatever their reasons, they're quick on their feet and sly on the lips.

  • The Streetrats: Usually the poorest of the city, and often vulnerable to the manipulation of the Mafia.  Sometimes via addiction, dependency, bankruptcy, or just plain boredom, they pick pockets, get drunk, or generally create a nuisance. 

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